Yeah, it’s awkward. We often don’t want to bring it up so we put it off as long as possible. But if we don’t discuss it now, you might find out the truth of things the hard way. So let’s just get over ourselves and say what needs to be said.

It’s time we had the toxic talk.

I know, we live in the land of the free and home of the brave with lots of health care available to us. That’s all I need, right?

Health. Care. Can we think about the irony of these two words? One would assume they must mean “the care and nuturing of our health”. Right? But what is the focus of the system of our healthcare? Treating significant problems after they become an issue. Anyone see a major flaw here?

But a new generation is arising.  One that is looking not primarily for a doctor to hand them a medical intervention but arming themselves with natural options that offer holistic prevention.

Now before you start either cheering for or yelling at me, it’s time for some transparency that will bring your opinion of me to a more balanced state. I still eat pizza, bagels, donuts on occasion and drink more coffee than water sometimes. It’s organic though. Btw, anyone else love Aldi’s fairtrade organic Honduran whole coffee beans? I digress.

For me, it’s about balance.

And that’s why you won’t find me shouting from the rooftop or often standing on my soapbox. But i try to make baby steps, and I encourage others to make affordable reasonable healthy changes as they can.

Here’s my assault of questions.

  • Did you know our skin is the largest organ of our bodies?
  • Do you also know that it only takes approximately 26 seconds for our skin to absorb chemicals we slather on ourselves every day?
  • Did you know there is very little government regulation of the skincare and cosmetic industry?
  • Would you really trust the goverment even if it did?
  • How many chemicals typically found in beauty products are banned in the European Union? Ok, I will answer this one for you… over 1100.
  • How many are banned in the United States?
  • Come on… guess! GUESS!
  • Fine. About 13.

What?!?!???!???!? Truth.

Who should you be trusting to decide what products are safe to use? Yourself. (Ok, you can trust me too haha). But please start looking at the ingredient labels of the products you are putting ON your body, not just IN your body. Because what goes on often makes it in.

Do I think every ailment is preventable? Nope. Do I think we should walk around in fear? No. But as our boss babe, Kelli Bono often reminds us… when we know better we do better.

So start making little steps. Like walking into your bathroom and throwing away all your drugstore and dollar tree skincare and makeup.

Wait! Didn’t I just say baby steps? Fine. I was just kidding.  Sort of. Well maybe a little. Ok. Just at least think about grabbing a few of our items, like a cleanser and a mineral foundation.  That’s a start.  Base coat on, base coat off. And guess what. It doesnt feel like a coat of paint anyways.

So this was just a snippet of THE TALK. Check out more “in the know” posts to learn more about the plethora of chemicals around you and the disrupting force they can have on our systems.

And if you have read this far you deserve an entry into my monthly free product drawing. Use the contact form to send me a message and in the comment section make sure you mention “the toxic talk”.  You can also tell me what products are you most likely to change if you did a ditch and switch… ditch the toxic and switch it out for something better? It helps us make suggestions for developing our product line so don’t feel it has to be a something we carry.

Thanks for listening. I’m glad we had this talk.


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