My love of Keep Me Safe Organics is multi-faceted.

  • Effective and affordable products made with natural and organic ingredients and absolutely no synthetic fragrances/colors or hidden ingredients not listed on a label because a company chooses to claim it as a proprietary blend.
  • A solid compensation plan…giving back 50% to to the consultant base as opposed to 17-25% which is typically found in direct sales companies.
  • Owners dedicated to growing the company in fiscally responsible way but with hearts listening to and always looking to bless the advocate pool. Our boss babes have a passion that is infectious and exciting. These women have been in the direct sales trenches themselves and have drawn from that experience to bring the best of everything.
  • Perfect timing– as we are in the launch and momentum phase of company growth. KMSO launched in May of 2017 and is hitting impressive sales and recruiting goals and it is easy to understand why!

WHY KMSO? The opportunity was so compelling,  I couldn’t say no. It has been an amazing ride so far.

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