The following article was contributed by the formulator of our deodorant, Marissa Rollo.

Pit Talk…

Let’s talk armpits folks. So what is the reason most use deodorant? They are embarrassed about smelling or sweating right? ‘Cause let’s face it, commercial deodorants are sticky, leave a residue on our clothing, and have very iffy ingredients. The common complaint I hear is that natural deodorants don’t work. Well let’s dive into that a bit more, shall we?
Why do we sweat and why does it stink sometimes? Your skin has sebaceous glands which produces sebum and when you sweat and it reaches the upper layer of your skin and mixes together. That layer of sweat that we have on our skin, mainly talkin about our arm pits here, has a pH of roughly 4.5-5.5. This is acidic. Why you ask? Because it needs to be to kill off any bacteria that may be able to survive and thrive in that sweaty stinky mess.

See your body is made perfectly and in perfect balance. And we go and mess up that balance and put antiperspirant or chemical filled deodorants on it. *sigh*
Using an antiperspirant will basically plug up those glands and not allow them to do their job, detox.

Your armpit contains typically 30-50 nodes under each armpit, which is the highest concentrated center of lymph nodes on our entire body. And their job is to eliminating waste products that occur in between our cells- mainly waste products like proteins, dead cells, viruses, bacteria, inorganic compounds, water, cholesterol, fats and other foreign bodies trapped in our interstitial fluid (fluid between our cells).
When we plug them up these waste particles can’t get out of our body so then are re-absorbed. This not only messes with our own body’s natural defense of detoxing, but it messes with our pH as well.
So, now in comes the new idea for you to switch up your deodorant to a natural one. And you start to stink! WHAT!! AND sweat?! So you quit and go back to your chemical filled commercial stuff.
This is where you need to allow your body to go through a detox, because it WILL and it HAS to. The pH of the deodorant I formulated is around 4.5-5…right where it should be to match up with your body’s natural balance in the pits. But you have to give yourself an adjustment period and realize you are unclogging clogged lymph ducts AND rebalancing your pits to their proper pH.
Now, you may have also seen a lot of natural deodorants that contain baking soda. Mine does not. Why you ask? Because baking soda has a very alkaline make up and has a pH around 9. So what happens. Skin irritation. If it doesn’t’ happen right away, it will, once your body has the ability to rebalance. (yes your diet plays a HUGE role here too!!! But that is a whole other topic!)
Trust me, it is WORTH the time it takes for your body to adjust to free it of harmful chemicals that can cause cancer, disrupt your hormones, and potentially leading to infertility issues.



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