Keep Me Safe Organics was created with a mission to offer a skincare and cosmetic line that could be used without fear of negative impact on our health. It is shocking to realize that it only takes 26 seconds for our skin to absorb the harmful chemicals prevalent in most beauty and body care products.

Our boss babes set out to do things differently. The result: a truly natural product line that is both beautiful and safe, balanced with a business plan that offers its advocates generous compensation.

As a mom of many, it has been a desire of mine to provide my family with products I can feel good about while also giving me the opportunity to grow a business to contribute to our household income. Keep Me Safe Organics has been a pivotal way for me to begin the journey to accomplish both.

The compensation plan for those working with KMSO is phenomenal. Independent advocates sharing within their circles of connection can benefit from both immediate direct sales and extra commission, especially for those interested in developing a team.

Owners of client-based businesses such as hair salons and wellness centers can also advocate with us which allows them to keep inventory on hand, building assets with immediate and residual income.

As you look through this site and learn more about the company, I encourage you to reach out to the consultant who introduced you to Keep Me Safe Organics.

Thank you for your interest; we look forward to connecting with you more!