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FIND YOUR CONSULTANT:  This website is administrated by Independent Advocates of team KMSO Connect, under the direction of Cindy McCarthy.  Please scroll down the list to find the advocate that introduced you to Keep Me Safe Organics. This link will take you to their KMSO site. Feel free to message me through the contacts form if you have any questions.

Cindy  McCarthy

Abby McCarthy

Becky McCarthy


Joanie Boring

Monica Brown

Jennie Francher

Robyn Foote

Rachel Giles

Samantha Greathouse

Michelle Homan

Kimberly Mosso

Alexis Napoli

Melanie Pagliaccio

Jessica Radcliffe

Jaime Simmons

Amanda Smith

Katrina Smith

Sarah Price-Smith

Kim Stanton

Sandra Stanton

Jamie Tinklepaugh

Anna VanWormer

Rachel Velez