We love to connect with others to share Keep Me Safe Organics and often that is done through parties. KMSO offers great incentives and fun formats. There are lots of hosting options to connect with your friends

  • In-home party/sampling event
  • Online party using Facebook
  • Fundraising event
  • Facial/Makeovers
  • Lunch and Learn (set up a quick gathering to take place around lunch and we bring a few samples and a dessert to share with your co-workers/friends)
  • Look Behind our Label 101 class- an introductory class to learn how to read ingredient labels and avoid toxic chemicals
  • Mommy and Me Parties
  • Teen Birthday Parties

Hostess Reward

KMSO has a generous hostess plan to thank those who decide to party with us. They reward hostesses with dream dollars (good towards anything in our product line), half-off a select number of individual items, as well as the opportunity to purchase the rest of their wish list at a discount. It is not uncommon for hostesses to reveive an extra “thank you” thrown in from the boss babes too.

They love to sprinkle faerie dust on everything they touch!