Experience unparalleled coverage and versatility with our loose mineral foundation. We use a very simple formula that offers amazing coverage, a sheer, natural look, and incredible staying powder. Clean, non-allergenic ingredients help soothe inflamed rosacea or acne-prone skin while protecting the skin from the elements.

These loose mineral foundations can be applied dry with a foundation brush or mixed with a facial moisturizer for sensitive or dry skin.

Our mineral foundation has complete coverage, full spectrum sunscreen, and oil control properties. In many cases, no separate concealer or powder is needed.

Our NON – commitment to you:

All of our raw ingredients & all of our finished loose mineral products:

Non – Coated with waxes, chemicals, etc.

Non – Micronized

Non – Nano Technology

Non – Nano Particles

Our blending process consists of using commercial size food processors that will only ensure that the powders are blended & disperse evenly. It does not cause a further reduction in size.

Ingredients: Titanium dioxide, iron oxide, ultra marine blue; May contain: zinc oxide, mica.